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Together For Cinema and all the children’s hospices benefitting from our work would like to thank all of our sponsors listed below. With differing degrees of involvement each one is important in enabling us to deliver the end result.


Working Partners

Beyond the actual installation there are a small group of working partners that actively help run, promote and manage Together For Cinema. They are listed below and all deserve our thanks for what they do free of any charge.


Installation Partners

A good installer is key to each and every cinema room installation and we have been fortunate enough to have worked with excellent installation teams. Some are installers, some are manufacturers, some are distributors but all have been extremely generous in giving their time to make these wonderful rooms happen.


Product Partners

It never ceases to amaze all of us involved in the installation of these rooms how generous our industry has been over the past few years. With increasing awareness of our work it has become easier to generate the product required to ensure the installer has the equipment to deliver an installation that he is happy with and proud of. Be it a single cable or 20 projectors every donation is much appreciated.

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